Rebel World

Game rules

Free Spins


Button Description
Botón de tirada Make a spin with the selected bet
Tirada automática It allows to choose a determined number of automatic spins.
Reducir y aumentar la apuesta The value of the bet can be chosen with - and +
Cambiar apuesta It allows to change the bet. Version for mobile devices.
Tirada automática It shows the value of the symbols, game features and paylines.
Comprar Bonus Open the dialogue box that gives you immediate access to the different Bonus features. This dialogue box allows you to choose between different options.

Return to player

The estimated Return To Player (RTP) is 95.30%

Additional information

Minimum bet:

Maximum bet:

Payments are dynamically updated based on the selected bet.

The unfinished games are resolved automatically and the corresponding earnings of them will be received by the player when returns to the game.

In case of error during the game, the affected bets and payments will be cancelled.

If the player leaves a game without finishing, two things could happen:

1.The cycle was completed and the only thing left to do was to give out the prizes. In this case, the prize is automatically awarded and the game ends.

2.The game is still awaiting different events or player actions. In this case the game is permanently stored in the database and is resumed when the player plays again.